• Sam Morrison

    My Aesthetic is Paint Cans.

  • Sam is...

    A Funny Person First. An Actor Second. A Homosexual Also First. Yoga Pants a Priority as Well.

  • Furthermore....

    A New York City-based nationally touring comedian who has been featured on Comic Seen, Stellar Underground, and was recently named one of Mogul's Comics to Watch in 2018. You can catch him regularly in NYC at Broadway Comedy Club, Old Man Hustle, and Catch a Rising Star. He’s performed all over the world at the Ugandan National Theatre, Kampala International Festival, Fingerlakes Comedy Festival, Smart Aleck Festival, Westside Showdown, and TrumpCon. You've seen him on Laffin' Matterz TV and just about every gay bar in town.


    Sam’s second one-man show Hello, Daddy! will debut at Dixon Place on February 28th and be featured in Horse Trade’s QUEERLY Festival summer 2018. He is an Alumnus of Cornell University and Production Assistant for the Travel Channel.

  • Media

    Sam Morrison Performs at The Stand

    The Stand, NYC

    Sam's going big gay bowling and more...

    Sam Morrison Performs at The Stand

    The Stand, NYC

    Sam is going to raise the gayest 6-year-old, and more.

    Comedy Reel

    New York City, NY

    Features Gotham Comedy Club, Greenwich Comedy Club, UCB East, Nuyorican Cafe, and Risley Theatre.

    Coming Soon: We're Going to the Moon!

    Lunar Landing, Moon

    We're working hard to build ships that service an express route from the Provincetown Ferry.

  • Upcoming Shows

    Message Sam before getting tickets. Discounts available.

    Bacon Bits

    Sunday, January 7th

    3:30PM @ The Stand

    Old Man Hustle

    Sunday, January 7th

    8PM @ Old Man Hustle

    VSpot Organic

    Monday, January 8th

    8pm @ VSpot Organic

    Comic Strip Live Audition

    Tuesday, January 9th

    6PM @ Comic Strip Live

    Tough Cookies

    Tuesday, January 9th

    9:00PM @ The Windjammer

    Pearly Odd Pearents

    Tuesday, January 9th 10PM @ Grisly Pear

    Up N' Comfortable

    Wednesday, January 10th

    8PM @ Bushwick Apartment

    Bushwick Bizarre

    Wednesday, January 10th

    10pm @ Bizarre Bushwick

    Grisly Pear

    Saturday, January 13th 4PM @ Grisly Pear

    Old Man Hustle

    Sunday, January 14th


    8PM @ Old Man Hustle

    Haunted Comedy!

    Tuesday, Janaury 16th

    8PM @ Slaughtered Lamb Pub


    Tuesday, January 16th

    9:00PM @ Boxers

    Pearly Odd Pearents

    Tuesday, January 16th

    10PM @ Grisly Pear

    Divine Comedy

    Wednesday, January 17th

    8PM @ Divine Bar

    Free Dirt!

    Friday, January 19th

    7PM @ Karma Lounge

    The Stand

    Saturday, January 20th 5:45PM @ The Stand

    Grisly Pear

    Sunday, January 21st

    8PM @ Grisly Pear

    Haunted Comedy!

    Tuesday, Janaury 23rd

    8PM @ Jekyll & Hyde

    Pearly Odd Pearents

    Tuesday, January 23rd

    10PM @ Grisly Pear

    Safe Space

    Wednesday, January 24th

    9PM @ Bushwick Public House

    Up N' Comers

    An Artery Apartment Show

    Thursday, January 25th

    8pm @ Queens

    Queerly Comedic!

    LGBTQ voices

    Friday, January 26th

    7PM @ The Pride Center NJ


    Comedians Compete for the title of Sole Survivor

    Saturday, January 27th @ All Damn Day

    Yonkers comedy Club

    Sunday, January 28th

    7PM @ Yonkers Comedy Club

    Beauty Bar

    Tuesday, Janaury 30th

    9PM @ Beauty Bar

    Pearly Odd Pearents

    Tuesday, January 30th

    10PM @ Grisly Pear

    Bowdoin College

    Sam opens for Ashley Gavin.

    Saturday, Febraury 2nd 8PM @ Bowdoin college

    Run From The Police

    Monday, February 5th 8:30PM @ Muchmore's


    Tuesday, February 6th 9:30PM @ Soho Playhouse

    Wing it! A Night of Stand Up Comedy and Board Games

    Thursday, Febraury 8th

    7:30PM @ Apartment (Crown Heights)

    Tinder Tales Live!

    Thursday, February 8th

    11PM @ Club Cumming

    Suite Bar

    Saturday, February 10th

    7:30PM @ Suite Bar

    Clark House Comedy

    Monday, Febraury 12th 8PM @ The Junction

    Where the Wild Things Are

    Wednesday, February 14th 10pm @ Divine Bar

    Haunted Comedy

    Thursday, February 15th 8PM @ Slaughtered Lamb Pub!

    Grisly Pear

    Thursday, Febraury 15th

    11:30PM @ Grisly Pear

    Awkward Sex and the City


    Saturday, February 17th

    8PM @ The Pleasure Chest

    Moth Balls

    Saturday, February 17th 9PM @ Suite Bar

    Eviction Brunch

    Sunday, February 18th 9PM @


    Tuesday, February 20th 8PM @ Otto's Shrunken Head

    The Graham

    Tuesday, February 20th 10PM @ Grisly Pear

    The Graham

    Wednesday, February 21st 8PM @ Divine Bar

    Keeping it Fresh!

    Thursday, February 22nd

    7PM @ Sidewalk Cafe

    Laugh Riots

    Thursdasy, February 22nd 8PM @ A garage in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

    Haunted Comedy

    Thursdasy, February 22nd 9PM @ Slaughtered Lamb Pub

    Old Man Hustle

    Saturday, February 24th

    8PM @ Old Man Hustle

    Sam's Thirty!!

    Sam Performs thirty minutes

    Sunday, February 25th 10PM @ The Lantern

    Hello, Daddy!

    A One Man Show.

    Wednesday, February 28th

    7:30PM @ Dixon Place Lounge

    Branded Content

    Thursday, March 1st

    8PM @ Pine Box Rock Shop


    Sunday, March 4th

    1PM @ Bar Nine

    LGBT+ Comedy Night

    Monday, March 5th

    8PM @ Eastville Comedy Club

    Haunted Comedy

    Tuesday, March 6th 8PM @ Jekyll & Hyde

    Grisly Pear

    Tuesday, March 6th

    10PM @ Grisly Pear

    Barely Making It

    Wednesday, March 7th 8PM @ The Creek & Cave

    The Android's Dungeon

    Thursday, March 8th

    10PM @ Soho Playhouse

    Broadway Comedy Club

    Saturday, March 10th

    8pm @ Broadway Comedy Club

    Caffeine Comedy

    Wednesday, March 14th 8PM @ Black Cat LES

    Up N' Comfortable

    Thursday, March 15th 8PM @ Apartment Show (msg for details)

    Get Nailed at The Toolbox

    Wenesday, March 21st

    8PM @ The Tool Box

    Good Vibes

    Thursday, March 22nd

    9:30PM @ The Tank

    Greetings, From Queer Mountain

    Wednesday, March 28th
    7PM @ Housing Works Bookstore

    Stonestreet Comedy Hour

    Thursday, March 29th 8PM @ Stonestreet Studios

    Last Laugh

    Sunday, April 1st

    8PM @ The PIT

    Bark Box Comedy Show

    Thursday, April 5th

    7PM @ BarkBox

    Sucker Punch

    Tuesday, April 17th 9PM @ QED

    Sam's Next One Man Show @ QUEERLY


    June 26th @ Kraine Theatre

    Auburn Public Theatre

    Saturday, July 21st 8PM @ Auburn Public Theatre

    Tough Cookies

    Thursday, December 21st

    9pm @ The Windjammer


    Holigays Edition!!!

    Wednesday, December 20th 8PM @ The Standing Room

    Hump Day Hilarity

    Tuesday, December 19th

    10PM @ Legion Bar

    Savage! A comedy Show

    Monday, December 18th

    8PM @ Fawkner in Carroll Gardens

    Grisly Pear Comedy Club

    Sunday, December 17th

    4PM @ Grisly Pear

    Suite Bar

    Saturday, December 16th

    7:30PM @ Suite Bar

    The Stand

    Saturday, December 16th

    5:45PM @ The Stand

    201 Class Show

    Saturday, December 16th

    5:30PM @ UCB East


    featuring New York's most hilarious LGBTQ comedians and storytellers together in one magical place.

    Friday, December 15th

    7PM @ Pete's Candy Store

    Bushwick Bazaar

    Wednesday, December 13th

    10PM @ Bushwick Bar

    Jekyll & Hyde


    Tuesday, December 12th

    8PM @ Jekyll & Hyde

    Smash Gold

    8PM @ New York Comedy Club

    Monday, December 11th

    Old Man Hustle

    Sunday, December 10th

    8PM @ Old Man Hustle

    End of the Line Comedy Comedy

    Sam is hosting!

    Saturday, December 9th

    9:30PM @ QED

    Tinder Tales

    Thursday, December 7th

    7PM @ Club Cumming

    Evening of Pizza + Comedy + Contact!

    Thursday, December 7th

    8PM @ Bushwick Apartment

    What’s in the Box?

    Wednesday, December 6th

    8PM Pet Shop (Jersey City)


    A Performance Variety Show

    Wednesday, December 6th

    8pm @ Kraine Theatre

    Blowin' Chunks


    Tuesday, December 5th

    8PM @ Halyards

    Diary Show

    Monday, December 4th

    8PM @ QED

    Free Dirt

    Friday, December 1st

    7PM @ Karna Lounge

    Tuesday, November 28th

    10 PM @ Grisly Pear

    Ambush the Pizza Shop!

    Tuesday, November 28th

    8PM @ Two Boots Pizza


    trumpCON : A Performance Circus of Yuge Proportions!


    Sunday, November 26th

    5:30PM @ The Kraine Theatre


    trumpCON : A Performance Circus of Yuge Proportions!

    Friday, November 24th

    8PM @ The PIT

    Sam Hosts Q.E.D. Open Mic

    Friday, November24th

    5PM @ QED

    Divine Comedy


    Divine Bar @ 8PM

    West Side Comedy Club

    Tuesday, November 21st

    8PM @ West Side Comedy Club

    Doughnuts & Comedy

    Free donuts + Jokes

    Monday, November 20th

    7PM @ apartment (msg 4 details)

    Your Best Life

    Sunday, November 19

    6pm @ The grisly pear

    Sunday Brunch

    Sam gives these men - just men - the break they deserve.

    Sunday, November 19th

    4PM @ Grisly Pear

    Kids Show!

    Sam performs for the kids!

    Saturday, November 18th

    1PM @ Creek and The Cave

    Sam Hosts Q.E.D. Open Mic

    Friday, November 17th

    5PM @ QED

    Apartment Party!

    Message for details

    Friday, November 17th

    8pm @ Griffin Leeds’ apartment

    The Tea Party

    A Comedy Variety Show

    Thursday, November 16th

    9PM @ Vodka Soda/Bottoms Up

    Slaughtered Lamb Comedy!

    Tuesday, November 14th

    8PM @ Slaughtered Lamb

    Mutiny Radio

    Friday, November 10th

    8pm @ Mutiny Radio (San Fran!)

    Slaughtered Lamb Comedy!

    Tuesday, November 7th

    8PM @ Slaughtered Lamb Pub

    Bowdoin College

    Sam opens for Ashley Gavin

    Thursday, November 2nd



    Wednesday, November 1st

    9:30PM @ The Duplex

    Catch a Rising Star!

    Sam Auditions for Catch a Rising Star!

    Monday, October 30th

    7:30PM @ The Stand

    The GAS

    $5 18+ Hosted by Rob Crean

    Saturday, October 28th

    7PM @ Great Scott (Boston)

    Limelight Comedy Club

    Friday, October 27th

    7:30PM @ Limelight Comedy Club (Boston)


    Thursday, October 26th

    9PM @ Brewery & Ale House (Boston)

    The Moth (Balls)

    Saturday, October 21st

    9PM @ The PIT Attic

    New Comics Day Show

    Hosted by Nick Nicosia

    Thursday, October 19th

    9pm @ Carmine Street Comics

    Divine Comedy

    Hosted by Kevin Salisbury...

    Wednesday, October 18th

    Divine Bar @ 8PM

    Smart Aleck Comedy Festival!


    Sunday, October 15th

    7:30PM @ Caveat NYC

    Your Best Life

    Happy Hour Drink Specials! $6 Margaritas $3 Beers

    Sunday, October 15th

    6PM @ The Girsly Pear

    Brunch Comedy

    $6 Margaritas $3 Beers

    Sunday, October 15th

    4PM @ Grisly Pear

    New York City Comedy Club

    Guest spot at New York City Comedy Club

    Saturday, October 14th

    5pm @ New York City Comedy Club

    Comedy Ugly: A Comedy Strip Show

    This is not a drill.

    Thursday, October 12th

    9PM @ The Mockingbird (LES)

    Where The Wild Things Are


    Wednesday, October 11th

    10PM @ Bizarre Bushwick


    Free Pizza + Free Drink + Free Comedy!

    Tuesday, October 10th

    8:30PM @ Two Boots Pizza Williamsburg

    The Grisly Pear

    Come for the jokes. Stay through happy hour!

    Saturday, October 7th

    6:30 @ The Grisly Pear



    Friday, October 6th

    6:30 PM @ Kraine Theatre

    Sunday Brunch

    Hosted by Sean Marron

    Sunday, October 1st

    4PM @ Grisly Pear

    Finger Lakes Comedy Festival


    Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

    6PM @ Lot 10 (Ithaca, NY) + more weekend shows!

    Jekyll and Hyde Free Comedy Show

    Hosted by Mike Handelman and Isaiah Mueller.

    Tuesday, September 26th

    8PM @ Jekyll and Hyde Club

    Industry Showcase

    Tickets: http://thestandnyc.ticketfly.com/event/1553403-laughing-buddha-comedy-jeff-new-york/

    Saturday, September 23rd

    5:45PM @ The Stand

    Al Martin Showcase

    Tickets: https://greenwichvillagecomedyclub.com/events/clayton-fletcher-show-2017-08-26092823170

    Friday, September 22nd

    8PM @ Greenwich Village Comedy Club

    BK Wildlife Rooftop Showcase


    Monday, September 18th

    7PM @ (Msg for details!)

    Academic Stand Up

    Discover a new side to Academia in this evening of research-inspired stand-up comedy. Sam is Hosting! FB event here: https://goo.gl/jMy9t5

    Thursday, September 21st

    9:30PM @ Caveat

    My Love for Bread

    The Better They Do, The More They Eat

    Thursday, September 14th

    9:30PM @ Broadway Comedy Club

    Comedy Night

    Great Cocktails!!

    Tuesday, September 12th

    8:30PM @ Branch OFC

    Casual Sets

    TOTALLY FREE https://goo.gl/yuDouV

    Friday, September 8th

    11PM @ QED

  • Press Coverage

    White Men in Lab Coats Find Sam Funny.

    Mogul's New York City Comedians to Look Out For in 2018

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    Sam is featured as one of Mogul's 2018 NYC Comics to Look Out For

    Welcome to The Samuel Morrison Show, Entertainment Guaranteed

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    "He is animated, speaks quickly, and relentlessly delivers joke-after-joke, each with increasing intensity and outrage. It’s actually amazing. He grabs your attention and makes you want more."

    Featured Comedian

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