• Sam Morrison

    My Aesthetic is Paint Cans.

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    Sam Morrison at Caroline's

    Sam Morrison performs at Westside Comedy Club

    West Side Comedy Club, NYC

    Sam Morrison Performs at Broadway Comedy Club

    Broadway Comedy Club, NYC

    Gay men flaunt their sexualities too much.

    Sam Morrison Performs at Queerotica

    Vaginas are magical and carrot juice is crazy.

    Sam Morrison at The Stand

    Sam is going to raise the gayest 6 year old

    Excerpt From Bowdoin College

    Have you seen a straight man in his happy place?

    Comedy Reel 2016

    New York City, NY

    Features Gotham Comedy Club, Greenwich Comedy Club, UCB East, Nuyorican Cafe, and Risley Theatre.

    Coming Soon: We're Going to the Moon!

    Lunar Landing, Moon

    We're working hard to build ships that service an express route from the Provincetown Ferry.

  • Hello, Daddy! Fall Tour Dates

  • Hello, Daddy! Fall Tour Tickets

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    Philadelphia, PA

    September 21st 8PM

    at EdgeOfTheGorge by Artery

    San Francisco, CA

    September 28th 8PM

    September 29th 8PM

    at OASIS

    Penn State Greater Allegheny

    October 9th 8PM

    at Cafe Metro

    Penn State Mont Alto

    October 11th 8PM

    at Hunters Auditorium

    Westmoreland College

    October 11th 8PM

    at Hunters Auditorium

    Provincetown, MA

    October 26th 7PM

    October 27th 7PM

    at Pilgrim House

    Hudson Valley

    November 10th 8PM

    at Or Gallery & Tavern

  • Upcoming NYC Shows

    Message Sam before getting tickets. Discounts available.

    Urban Vegan Kitchen

    Monday, June 25th 6PM @

    Urban Vegan Kitchen

    Queerotica at Queerly!!

    Monday, June 25th 7PM @ Kraine Theatre

    House Show

    Tuesday, June 26th 10PM @ Greenwich Village Comedy Club

    Clayton Fletcher Show

    Friday, June 29th 8PM @ Greenwich Village Comedy Club

    Rooftop Comedy

    Saturday, June 30th 8PM @ Williamsburg Rooftop

    Under St. MArks

    SAturday, June 30th 10PM @ Under St. Marks

    Say Yes Collective

    SAturday, June 30th 10:30PM @

    Bklyn Rooftop

    HOT! Festival Kickoff

    Monday, July 2nd 7pm @ Dixon Place Theatre

    Wine and Sleaze

    Monday, July 2nd 8PM @ Halyards

    Slaughtered Lamb Pub

    Monday, July 2nd 8PM @ Slaughtered Lamb Pub

    Hostel Show

    Tuesday, July 3rd 9:30PM @ Hostel 103rd + Amsterdam

    Pacific Standup

    Thursday, July 5th 8PM @ Pacific Standard

    Grisly Pear

    Thursday, July 5th 11:45PM @ Grisly Pear

    UCB Gentrify

    Friday, July 6th 10:30PM @ UCB East

    Hideout Comedy

    Saturday, July 7th 8PM @ The Hideout

    Hello, Daddy! @ Bear Week

    Saturday, July 8 - 11 7PM @ Sage Inn

    The Platform

    Saturday, July 14 8PM @ The Platform

    Jazz on the Park Hostel

    Sunday, July 15 8:30PM @ Jazz on the Park Hostel

    Chani and Cher

    July 15th 8PM @ Branded Saloon

    Slaughtered Lamb Pub

    Monday, July 16th 8PM @ Slaughtered Lamb Pub

    Greenwich Village Comedy Club

    Monday, July 16th 7:30PM @ Greenwich Village Comedy Club

    Broadway Comedy Club

    Monday, July 16th 11PM @ Broadway Comedy Club

    AMBUSHat Two Boots

    Tuesday, July 17th 8:30PM @ Two Boots


    Tuesday, July 17th 9PM @ Metropolitan Bar

    Cocktails & Comedy

    Friday, July 20th 7PM @ Williamsburg Apartment

    Living Room Show

    Friday, July 20th 9PM @ Postmark Cafe

    Auburn Public Theatre

    Saturday, July 21st 8PM @ Auburn Public Theatre


    Monday, July 23rd 8:30PM @ QED

    Hotel Rivington

    Tuesday, July 24th 7:30PM @ Hotel Rivington

    The Duck Show

    July 24th 8PM @ Otto's

    Hello, Daddy!

    Thursday, July 26th 9PM @ Dixon Place Theatre


    Friday, July 27th 7:30PM at Oppa

    West Side Comedy Club

    Friday, July 27th 11PM

    Collection Box Comedy

    Saturday, July 28th 6PM @ Triple Crown Ale House

    Moth Balls

    Saturday, July 28th 9PM @ PIT

    Soho Playhouse

    Saturday, July 28th 11PM @ Soho Playhouse

    Beauty Bar

    Sunday, July 29th 9PM @ Beauty Bar

    Haunted Comedy

    Monday, July 30th 8PM @ Slaughtered Lamb Pub

    Broadway Comedy Club

    Monday, July 30th 11PM @ Broadway Comedy Club

    Paul Bennet's Show

    Tuesday, July 31st 9PM @

    West Side Comedy Club

    Wednesday, August 1st 8PM at West Side Comedy Club

    Grisly Pear

    Saturday, August 4th 4PM at Grisly Pear

    Comic Strip Live

    Saturday, August 4th Midnight

    Broadway Comedy Club

    Monday, August 6th 8PM @ Broadway Comedy Club

    Grisly Pear

    Tuesday, August 7th 10PM


    Wednesday, August 8th 7PM @ Strand Bookstore

    Double Plus Good

    Wednesday, August 8th 8PM @ Pacific Standard

    Grisly Pear

    Thursday, August 9th 11PM @ Grisly Pear

    Rooftop Comedy

    Friday, August 10th 8PM @ Williamsburg Rooftop

    Old Man Hustle

    Saturday, August 11th 8PM

    Black X White

    Sunday, August 12th 7PM @ Williamsburg Apartment

    Yonkers Comedy Club

    Sunday, August 12th 7:30PM at Yonkers Comedy Club

    Monday, August 13th 7:30PM @ Greenwich Village Comedy Club

    Haunted Comedy

    Monday, August 13th 8PM @ Slaughtered Lamb Pub

    Grisly Pear

    Monday, August 13th 10PM @ Grisly Pear

    Rich Kiamco's Show

    Tuesday, August 14th 8PM at GROVE

    One Liner Madness

    Tuesday, August 14th 9PM @ RAR Bar

    Greenwich Village Comedy Club

    Wednesday, August 15th 7:30PM

    Side Dish

    August 15th 9:30PM @ Esther & Carol's

    Wing it!

    Thursday, August 16th 8PM @ Berg'n

    The Comic's Table

    Thursday, August 16th 9PM @ VSpot

    Robot Hospital

    Friday, August 17th 8PM at Freddy's


    HOSTING Saturday, August 18th 8PM @

    The Park View

    219 Dyckman Street

    Apartment Show

    Sunday, August 19th 8PM @ Apartment

    Smash Gold

    Monday, August 20th 7PM at New York City Comedy Club

    Plan B!

    Monday, August 20th 9:30PM

    Mel's Burger Bar

    Tuesday, August 21st 9PM at Mel's Burger Bar

    Way Station

    Wednesday, August 22nd 9PM @ Way station

    Creek And Cave

    Opening for Camille Theobald

    Friday, August 24th 8PM

    Black Cat LES

    Friday, August 24th 10PM @ Black Cat LES

    Creek and Cave

    Saturday, August 25th 8PM at Creek and Cave

    New York Comedy Club

    Sunday, August 26th 7PM at New York Comedy Club

    Classy Cunts

    August 27th 8PM @ Village Lantern

    Haunted Comedy

    Monday, August 27th 8PM @ Slaughtered Lamb Pub


    August 28th 9:30PM @ The Tank

    2 Hilarious

    Wednesday, August 29th 7PM at Slane Bar

    Old Man Hustle

    Wednesday, August 29th 8PM at Old Man Hustle

    10 Minute Set

    August 30th 8PM @ Cobra Club

    Grisly Pear

    Friday, August 31st 6PM

    Greenwich Village Comedy Club

    Friday, August 31st 8PM


    Saturday, September 1st 8PM at The Brick

    NYCC Open Mic

    Sunday, Spetember 2nd 5PM at NYCC

    Broadway Comedy Club

    Monday, September 3rd 11PM at Broadway Comedy Club


    Tuesday, September 4th 9PM @ Father Knows Best

    Harlem Nights

    Setpember 5th 9PM at Harlem Nights


    Wednesday, September 6th 7:30PM at Strand Bookstore


    Friday, September 7th 8PM at Niagara Bar

    Lasers in the Jungle

    Thuersday, September 6th 7:30PM at UCB East

    The barbershop

    9/7 8:30PM

    Suite Bar

    Saturday, September 8th 5-6:30PM @ Suite Bar

    The Bruise

    Sunday, September 9th 8pm @ Idlewild bar


    September 9 5pm

    Haunted Comedy

    Monday, September 10th 8PM @ Slaughtered Lamb Pub

    Myq Kaplan & Friends

    Monday, September 10th 8:30PM at QED

    Very Good Comedy Show

    September 11th 8PM at West End Lounge

    Grisly Pear

    Tuesday 10PM September 11th


    Wednesday, September 12th 8PM @ Mad Tropical

    Bomb Shelter Comedy

    Hosting Thursday, 9/13 8PM

    Rooftop Comedy

    Friday, September 14th 8PM at Rooftop in Williamsburg

    Ed Sullivan on Acid

    Monday, September 17 9PM at Freddy's Bar


    Tuesday, September 18th 9:30 PM - 11:00 PM @ The Tank

    Laugh Through the Pain

    Wednesday, September 19th 7:30PM @ QED

    Freshly Baked Cookies

    September 19th 9PM at Knitting Factory

    Le Concussion Comedy

    Thursday, September 20th 8:30PM @ Le Chile (839 W 181st St)

    Hello, Daddy!

    Friday, September 21st 8PM @ EdgeOfTheGprge

    Old Man Hustle

    8PM Saturday September 22nd

    Bed Time Stories

    Saturday, September 22nd 9PM at Cherry Tree Bar

    New York Comedy Club

    Sunday 9/23 5PM

    Haunted comedy

    Monday, September 24th 8PM at Slaughtered Lamb Pub


    7PM September 24th

    Broadway Comedy Club

    Monday, September 24th 11PM at Broadway Comedy Club

    Grisly Pear

    Tuesday 10PM September 25th

    Mashed Potatoes

    10PM Tuesday, September 25th

    Hass Mercy

    Wednesday, September 26th 8:30PM @ Local 138

    The Setup

    Thursday, September 27th 8PM at 222 Hyde St

    Fingerlakes Comedy Festival

    September 28 - 30

    Jeena Bloom

    October 4th 10:30PM

    Triple Crown Underground

    Fiday, October 5th at Triple Crown Underground

    Speak American

    Friday, October 5th, 7:30pm at Friends & Lovers.

    Comedy at Stonewall


    New York Comedy Club

    10/7 5PM

    New York Comedy Club

    10/7 7PM

    Grisly Pear

    10/7 8PM

    Haunted comedy

    8pm 10/8

    Bingo N' Laughs

    October 8th 8:30PM at The Rochard

    Broadway Comedy Club

    10/8 11PM

    Penn State Greater Allegheny

    10/10 12:15 PM

    Westmoreland College

    10/11 11:00 AM

    Penn State Mont Alto

    10/11 8:30 PM

    Grisly Pear

    10/13 5PM

    The Bruise

    10/14 7PM


    October 16th 9PM

    Village Lantern

    Thursday October 18 8pm @ Village Lantern

    Creek & Cave

    Thursday, October 18th 10pm @ Creek and Cave


    October 19 - 21

    Haunted comedy

    8pm 10/22

    Broadway Comedy Club


    Rooftop Comedy

    10/25 7:30PM at secret location in willimasburg

    Black Cat LES

    Friday, October 26th


    Friday, October 26th at UCB East


    October 30th 7:30PM at Strand Bookstore

    Comedy Ugly

    October 31st @ Stand Up NY

    Epic Show

    November 2nd at Cobra Club

    YASSS Fest

    Nov. 3rd 6PM

    Last Laugh


    Haunted comedy

    8pm 11/5

    Homo Comicus

    Wednesday, November 7th @ Gotham Comedy Club

    Hello, Daddy!


    Haunted comedy

    8pm 11/19

    Comic Strip Audition

    December 4th

    Comic Strip Audition

    December 4th

  • Press Coverage

    White Men in Lab Coats Find Sam Funny.

    Mogul's New York City Comedians to Look Out For in 2018

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    Sam is featured as one of Mogul's 2018 NYC Comics to Look Out For

    Welcome to The Samuel Morrison Show, Entertainment Guaranteed

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    "He is animated, speaks quickly, and relentlessly delivers joke-after-joke, each with increasing intensity and outrage. It’s actually amazing. He grabs your attention and makes you want more."

    Review of Hello, Daddy!

    Bear World Magazine

    "His comedy is tight and as we saw into the window of his teenage sexual angst, the jokes were landing over and over again. The audience was only half full of daddies and bears too, that to me is a measure of his superb storytelling."

    Preview of Hello, Daddy!

    Provincetown Magazine

    Featured Comedian

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