• Sam Morrison

    My Aesthetic is Paint Cans.

  • Sam is a New York City-based comedian who tours colleges, theaters, and comedy clubs nationally. He has been on SiriusXM Radio, written for the Travel Channel, and will be featured on a PBS documentary about up and coming stand up comedians. He has been in commercials for Apple, Mattress Firm, and HIV Pharma. He was named one of Mogul Magazine's Comics to Watch in 2018, is the 1st place winner of the Make Me Laugh Comedy Competition, and was called "a rising star" by Broadway Kingdom.


    He has headlined over a dozen colleges and is set to tour 25 colleges in Spring 2019. You can catch him regularly in NYC at Greenwich Village Comedy Club, West Side Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, Old Man Hustle, Grisly Pear, Village Lantern, and more. He’s even performed at the Ugandan National Theatre! He has performed in the New York Comedy Festival, is the 1st place winner of the Make Me Laugh Festival, and a finalist in YAAAS Fest, and performed in too many others to count. To be fair I always get stuck around 17.


    Sam’s second one-man show Hello, Daddy! debuted on Dixon Place's main stage in 2018 and has since toured 8 major US cities, including such prestigious queer festivals as the Folsom Street Fair, Bear Week, and HOT! Festival. He hails from Sarasota, FL, is a Cornell University alum and broke the world record for most peanut butter jelly sandwiches made in an hour.


  • Media

    Sam Morrison on Gentrify at UCB East

    New York City, NY

    Sam Morrison at Caroline's

    New York City, NY

    Sam Morrison performs at Westside Comedy Club

    New York City, NY

    Sam Morrison Performs at Broadway Comedy Club

    Broadway Comedy Club, NYC

    Gay men flaunt their sexualities too much.

    Sam Morrison Performs at Queerotica

    New York City, NY

    Vaginas are magical and carrot juice is crazy.

    Sam Morrison at The Stand

    New York City, NY

    Sam is going to raise the gayest 6 year old

    Excerpt From Bowdoin College

    Bowdoin College, Maine

    Have you seen a straight man in his happy place?

    Comedy Reel 2016

    New York City, NY

    Features Gotham Comedy Club, Greenwich Comedy Club, UCB East, Nuyorican Cafe, and Risley Theatre.

  • Upcoming NYC Shows

    Hello, Daddy! at Spooky Bear

    Friday, October 26th 7PM at Pilgrim House

    Hello, Daddy! at Spooky Bear

    Saturday, October 27th 7PM at Pilgrim House

    Hideout Comedy

    October 28th

    8PM at The Hideout


    October 30th 7:30PM at Strand Bookstore

    Comedy Ugly

    October 31st @ Stand Up NY

    America's Got Talent Showcase

    November 1st 9PM at Creek & Cave

    Epic Show

    November 2nd 8PM at Cobra Club

    Black Cat LES

    Friday, November 2nd 10PM at Black Cat LES

    YASSS Fest

    Nov. 3rd 6PM

    The Dirty Show

    11/3 9PM

    Grisly Pear

    11/4 6PM at Grisly Pear

    Last Laugh

    11/4 9PM at Vspot Organic

    Haunted comedy

    8pm 11/5

    Grisly Pear

    November 6th 8PM at Grisly Pear

    Homo Comicus

    Wednesday, November 7th @ Gotham Comedy Club

    GAF West

    11/8 8pm hosting

    Hello, Daddy!


    Grisly Pear

    November 13th 8PM at Grisly Pear

    Broadway comedy Club

    11/13 11PM


    11/14 10PM

    Iced Coffee

    Thursday, 11/15 8pm @ Think coffee (Mercer)

    Alibi Lounge

    Thursday, November 15th at Alibi Lounge

    Grisly Pear

    11/17 6PM at Grisly Pear

    Dark Horse Comedy Club

    Saturday, November 17th 8PM at Dark Horse Comedy Club

    Haunted comedy

    8pm 11/19 at Slaughtered Lamb Pub


    11/19 11PM

    Tuesday 11/20 at 7:30PM

    Grisly Pear

    November 20th 8PM at Grisly Pear


    Tuesday, 11/20 8pm @ Two Boots Williamsburg


    11/21 JP Show

    Stand Up NY (thxgiving)



    Friday, November 23rd at UCB East

    Broadway Comedy Club

    November 26th 11:45PM at Broadway Comedy Club

    Grisly Pear

    November 27th 8PM at Grisly Pear

    We're All Gonna Die

    November 28th at 9PM

    Queer Campfire

    11/29 7:30PM

    Las Culturistas Live Show

    11/30 8PM

    Unusual Culprits

    Saturday December 1st in Seacacus, NJ

    Bad News

    Sunday 12/2 7:30PM at Von Bar

    Old Man Hustle

    Sunday 12/2 8PM

    PBS Showcase

    12/3 6PM @ Rosyln Hotel

    Haunted Comedy

    12/3 8PM

    Comic Strip Audition

    December 4th

    Android's Dungeon

    12/6 10pm at Soho Playhouse

    Jah Art House

    12/8 9PM @ Jah Art House

    Comedy Dungeon


    Shane Shane

    12/9 at Duplex

    Haunted Comedy

    12/10 8PM

    Freshly Baked Cookies

    12/12 9PM @ The Knitting Factory


    12/12 10PM

    Grisly PEar

    Wednesday, December 12th 11PM

    Alibi Lounge

    12/13 8PM

    Old Man Hustle

    Saturday, December 15th 8PM at Old Man Hustle

    Grisly Pear

    12/15 10PM

    YASSS Finals

    12/16 7PM

    12/17 8PM

    Broadway Comedy Club

    12/17 11:50PM

    Comedy at the Corner

    12/18 8PM

    Inside Comedy

    12/19 8PM

    Tampa Improv


    Brooklyn House of Comedy

    Wednesday, January 2nd 6:30PM at Brooklyn House of Comedy

    So What Happened Was...

    1/2 7PM at Freddy's Bar

    Whatever Comedy

    1/4 8PM at Niagara Bar

    Haunted Comedy

    Monday, January 7th 8PM at Slaughtered Lamb Pub

    Just Come!

    January 8th 8:30PM at The Graham

    Brooklyn House of Comedy

    Wednesday, January 9th 6:30PM at Brooklyn House of Comedy

    Grisly Pear

    1/10 11PM

    Popped Collar Comedy Show

    1/12 8PM

    Haunted Comedy

    Monday, January 14th 8PM at Slaughtered Lamb Pub


    8PM 1/14 8PM @ Fawkner

    Tonight's Special with Shane Shane!

    1/14 10:30PM at UCB East

    Comedy at the Corner

    1/15 8PM

    Brooklyn House of Comedy

    Wednesday, January 16th 6:30PM at Brooklyn House of Comedy

    Don't Tell Mama

    Friday, January 18th 9:45PM at Don't Tell Mama

    Albany Bears


    Lap Dance Saloon

    1/21 at Lap Dance Saloon

    Haunted Comedy

    Monday, January 21st 8PM at Slaughtered Lamb Pub

    Carolines Breakout

    opening for Sally Ann Hall at Carolines!!


    Brooklyn House of Comedy

    Wednesday, January 23rd 6:30PM at Brooklyn House of Comedy

    Haunted Comedy

    Monday, January 28th at Slaughtered Lamb Pub

    Glo in the City

    1/26 8:30PM Daily 38 Somers St, BK

    Haunted Comedy

    Monday, February 4th 8PM at Slaughtered Lamb Pub

    Haunted Comedy

    Monday, February 11th at Slaughtered Lamb Pub

    Muffins in the Window

    2/21 8PM at Dixon Place


    2/21 - 2/24

  • Hello, Daddy!

    5 major US cities | 20 colleges by Spring 2019 | Folsom Street Fair | Bear Week | HOT! Festival

    Promo Video from the Original Work in Progress Presentation

    Select Tour Dates Fall 2018

  • Press Coverage

    White Men in Lab Coats Find Sam Funny.

    Mogul's New York City Comedians to Look Out For in 2018

    Click the picture for more info!

    Sam is featured as one of Mogul's 2018 NYC Comics to Look Out For

    Welcome to The Samuel Morrison Show, Entertainment Guaranteed

    Click the picture for more info!

    "He is animated, speaks quickly, and relentlessly delivers joke-after-joke, each with increasing intensity and outrage. It’s actually amazing. He grabs your attention and makes you want more."

    Review of Hello, Daddy!

    Bear World Magazine

    "His comedy is tight and as we saw into the window of his teenage sexual angst, the jokes were landing over and over again. The audience was only half full of daddies and bears too, that to me is a measure of his superb storytelling."

    Preview of Hello, Daddy!

    Provincetown Magazine

    Featured Comedian

    Click the picture for more info!

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